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Year 6

YMCA Awareness

Year 6 recently had a visit from a virtual visiting speaker from the local YMCA to develop awareness about the YMCA's work. Thanks to Mrs Whitley, Rev. Grace and of course our Year 6 who represented the school very well. Below is a copy of the thank you received from Rev. Grace:

"Thank you for inviting me to take this session to talk and develop awareness of YMCA.  We are also extremely grateful for the contribution towards our food bank.  The children were very good and well behaved which is a credit to you. If you would like me to come again in the future to take assembly or for anything else, I would be delighted."

Taking Part

As part of this unit of work, Year 6 were able to find out about the activities of a local religious group and make links between the action they take and their key religious teachings.