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Animals Including Humans

The Digestive System. 

Today we conducted a practical experiment which recreated the process of digestion. We replicated the journey our food takes from entering our mouths. 

As we did this, we discussed how each organ in the digestive system works. We learned about how the stomach contracts and relaxes to help digest our food alongside the stomach acid. 

We then transferred the food into tights to represent the the intestines. The small intestine absorbs the nutrients from the food we eat, so most of the liquid came out. We then had to squeeze the tights to ensure any remaining liquid came out, like the large intestine does. 

As the large intestine squeezes out all of the excess liquid, we were left with only the waste solid. We transferred this into paper cup to represent the rectum. 

We all learnt a lot by seeing a representation of each organ at work! 



Today we began by identifying the different types of teeth in humans and their basic functions. 

We then set up an experiment to using eggs (because their shells have a similar chemical make up as our tooth enamel)

and placing them in different liquids to see which would cause the most staining and damage to the eggs and how long it would take. 

We discussed and thought about how we could make our investigation a fair test.

Next week we are going to examine the eggs and see what impact (if any) the different liquids have had on the eggs. 

This week we took the eggs out of the four liquids and observed the changes to each of the eggs. We observed that both the eggs that had been in the coffee and coke had stained shells and the egg shell of the egg that had been in the orange juice had began to disintegrate.