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Welcome to the Year 4 class page. Miss Booth is the class teacher in Iris class; there are 13 girls and 13 boys in Iris class. Miss Martin is the class teacher in Crocus class; there are 12 girls and 13 boys. We are lucky to have Mrs Gilbert-Gallagher will support both classes and Mrs Gregory who helps out in Crocus class.


We love to have fun with our learning and can't wait to show you everything we have done on our class page.

Class Code

Please familiarise yourselves with our classroom codes that we have agreed on and signed.




Here is the Year 4 Summer timetable.


Your child has PE on a Monday- please make sure they have their trainers for this day and that they are named.

**Please note that children do not need a full PE kit in school until further notice. **


Summer's Dynamite Dojo challenge sheet is show below. A copy has also been sent home. Things are a little different this year we would like you to upload your amazing work on to Google Classroom. An assignment has been set called Dynamite Dojo Project. We love looking at your homework and remember, homework wins Dojo points!

Times tables

Children in Year 4 now have to take an online Multiplication Tables Check (MTC), which is designed to determine whether Year 4 pupils can fluently recall their multiplication tables (times tables). Pupils will have less than 5 minutes to complete 25 questions and each question has to be answered in 6 seconds. I know it doesn't sound very long but there are lots of websites that imitate how the test will be to allow children to familiarise themselves before summer term.


TT Rockstars:


This website is great in general for practising times tables but the SOUNDCHECK tournament imitates the Multiplication Tables Check, which is perfect for practising answering questions in 6 seconds.


Please note that the keypad in the check will not be inverted so please go to settings and change it so the keypad is not inverted (the 3 button is in the top right corner).

MTC simulator:


This is another great website to help you practise for the Multiplication Tables check.


Your child has received log in details to access reading books at home. Your log in details will include: a username, password and school code. If your log in details do not work or you are having difficultly accessing things then please speak to your class teacher. We are more than happy to help!


You can log in here:


Active Learn Primary


This term our focus is 'Reign over us'. We will be learning about the history of Britain in Chronological order.


We will be spending a lot of time in the afternoons catching up on some of the Science we missed last year.

Exciting Learning Opportunities


To start off our new topic of 'A Christmas Carol', year 4 had an opportunity to travel to the past and to the future- just like Scrooge did. Through one time machine they arrived at in 1843 (Victorian Era) and they met a 'lovely' teacher called Madam Martin. She taught them the 3 R's that were taught in a Victorian schoolroom: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. The children had to write on slate and use chalk to copy off the blackboard. Some of the children we even lucky enough to enjoy some drill time.

Did you know, in 2050, school trips take us to mars and robots greet us and answer all of our questions?


Today, we travelled to the future and had to save the planet from being hit by a meteorite (it was hard work). We also looked for any signs of life on the planet by looking for a water source. 


We had fun interacting with our very own robot called BB8. He is very funny and intelligent!

Victorian Era

As we are carrying on with our new learning on the Victorian Era, we are completing some fun and interesting activities.


We have been learning all about crime and punishment, including why people were transported to Australia. We also learnt about what it was like to be in prison during this era. 


We learnt all the different jobs that had to be completed during time spent in prison, as well as the clothes they wore and the food they ate. We learnt that the only food they had to eat was something called gruel.


As an activity, we made our very own gruel. We even tasted it. Can you tell if we liked it or not by looking at our photos?

Victorian poetry

Still image for this video
Today, we looked at a poem that was written by a Victorian prisoner. Then, we had a go at reciting it and adding in some of our own actions.

Artwork inspired by LS Lowry

We recreated a scene from the book A Christmas Carol (adapted by Tony Mitton) in the style of LS Lowry.

Online Safety


Our 5 SMART rules

Whenever we use computers, iPads, tablets or mobile phones, we will be following our 5 SMART rules…


Safe: We are careful and do not give out personal information about yourself or anyone else when chatting or posting online.


Meeting: We know that meeting someone you have only been in touch with online can be dangerous, so it’s not a good idea. We only meet someone with your parents’ or carer’s permission and even then, only when they are with us. We always remember that online friends are still strangers even if you have been talking to them for a long time.


Accepting: We understand that accepting emails, IM messages, or opening files, pictures or texts from people you don’t know or trust can lead to problems—they may contain viruses or nasty messages!


Reliable: When we chat online, we know it is best to only chat to real world friends and family members. Sometimes, people online might lie about who they are. We always check information found on the internet because it might not be true. We use other websites and books to do this.


Tell: We always tell a parent, carer, trusted adult or phone Childline if someone or something makes you feel uncomfortable or worried, or if you or someone you know is being bullied online. We know that we can always report to CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command) if we are worried about online abuse or the way that someone is chatting online. 


Good to be Green


Our 'Richer' values are of great importance and everyone in the school - children and staff- are encouraged to follow them at all times. 


R- Respect

I- Independence

C - Caring

H - Helpful

E - Equality

R - Resilience


The children who choose to use their 'Richer' values and receive less than three red cards in one half term are invited to attend a Good to be Green Party. Check back at the end of each half term to view our pictures!




Previous Learning 

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