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Welcome to our Year 4 page, we have 47 children in our year group.  Miss Barker is our class teacher in Iris class and Miss Martin is our class teacher in Crocus. 





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Home Learning


The children will have recieved a home learning pack that includes a range of resources that they can work on at home. All of the work is topics we have previously covered and will help them to practice this learning and develop their knowledge and understanding further. 


The children also have a paper list of links to websites they can access to develop their learning and understanding. The children must also be accessing TT Rockstars. 


The children have been provided with passwords for TT Rockstars, Active Learn Reading and Now Press Play.  We will be setting weekly challenges for the children on the website. 


Here is a list of websites that you can access for home learning.


Phonics Play –

Pobble 365 –  A variety of pictures to use as stimulus for writing.

Literacy Shed - (Also has Spelling Shed) You can sign up for a 14-Day Free Trail. Click on Teaching Resources at the top and click on the year group, there are lots of resources within each year group that are free.

Vooks – Extracts for reading.

The Book Wormery –

Into Film –

The Literacy Company –

Oxford Owl (reading and spelling) –

Draw with Rob –   Join author and illustrator, Rob Biddulph, on his website and learn how to draw characters.

IXL Quizzes— -  Click on the year group your child is in and then select a topic of learning.

Twinkl -  Free access for a month but can also be paid for.  Go to and create an account and put the code CVDTWINKLHELPS into the offer box to gain free access. Another way to access is and create an account and put the code PARENTSTWINKLHELPS.

White  Rose Maths - Home Learning Teaching Resource. - Click on the year group your child is in. There are teaching videos, worksheets and answers for each topic.

Hit the Button—— 6—11 year olds. A game that helps children to practice their number bonds, times tables, doubling and halving, multiples, division facts and square numbers.

BBC Bitesize - - Click on the year group and then the subject. Then click on the different topics within that subject.

Maths Shed – - You can sign up for a 14-Day Free Trail. Click on Teaching Resources at the top and click on the year group, there are lots of resources within each year group that are free. 

Prodigy maths interactive games - - create a free account to access.

NRICH maths games - - Click on the maths topic and then on the topic specific to your child's age.

Classroom Secrets - - sign up for free at the bottom of the page to access resources.



TT Rock Stars - Children will have their own login and the teacher will set the tables for them as well as Battles. Teachers will be monitoring the children’s scores and will set new tables for them as they achieve their times tables!


Active Learn Primary  - Children have been allocated a range of digital books that they can read.  The children also have challenges they can complete to recieve awards. 


Now Press Play - This is an immersive audio resource that engages primary school children in the curriculum through emotion, imagination and movement.





Class Code



This is our timetable for the year.  We have PE on Monday and Wednesday so PE kits are required on those days.





Your child will be provided with a homework book and a half-termly Dynamite Dollar Project sheet relating to the topic they are learning about within school.  Children will have challenges that should be completed in their green homework books.  Once your child has completed a challenge, they are to show their class teacher in order for their dollars to be recorded. 


As well as completing homework, your child is also expected to read to an adult four times a week in order to earn extra dollars.  Dollars are also awarded for attendance, positive behaviour and uniform. 


Current Topic

Our current topic is 'The World Kitchen'.  We are going to be exploring a range of food from around the World and finding out more about the origins of some of our favourite meals throughout our topic lessons.  


In science, we are going to be exploring rocks and fossils.  We are going to be looking at the different types of rocks as well as creating our ver own fossils! 

Previous Learning 

Exciting Learning Opportunities



Healthy Eating Workshop- Thursday 16th January 

Theatre Visit to The Boy in the Dress- Thursday 23rd January 


Packington Farm

Packington Farm  1 We loved learning about the different food groups.
Packington Farm  2 We got to try some tasty foods.
Packington Farm  3 We even go to tasted food that we hadn't before.

Online Safety


Our 5 SMART rules

Whenever we use computers, iPads, tablets or mobile phones, we will be following our 5 SMART rules…


Safe: We are careful and do not give out personal information about yourself or anyone else when chatting or posting online.


Meeting: We know that meeting someone you have only been in touch with online can be dangerous, so it’s not a good idea. We only meet someone with your parents’ or carer’s permission and even then, only when they are with us. We always remember that online friends are still strangers even if you have been talking to them for a long time.


Accepting: We understand that accepting emails, IM messages, or opening files, pictures or texts from people you don’t know or trust can lead to problems—they may contain viruses or nasty messages!


Reliable: When we chat online, we know it is best to only chat to real world friends and family members. Sometimes, people online might lie about who they are. We always check information found on the internet because it might not be true. We use other websites and books to do this.


Tell: We always tell a parent, carer, trusted adult or phone Childline if someone or something makes you feel uncomfortable or worried, or if you or someone you know is being bullied online. We know that we can always report to CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command) if we are worried about online abuse or the way that someone is chatting online. 


Good to be Green



At River View, there is an expectation of outstanding behaviour at all times. All members of the school are expected to demonstrate their RICHER values, within and outside of our community. We encourage this by using the ‘Good to be Green’ system.


As part of the ‘Good to be Green’ system, all children start their day on green. If a child demonstrates any behaviour that does not follow our RICHER values, they are then given a verbal warning.  If the behaviour continues, a yellow card will be issued.  The yellow card is a 10 minute warning to the child that they have the opportunity to make the right choice and change their behaviour.   If the child does not change their behaviour, a red card will then be issued and the child will be sent to the phase leader for a time out. The child will then attend reflection the following day during break and lunch time. 


At the end of each half term, there is a ‘Good to be green’ reward to celebrate good behaviour.  All children can attend this if they have had less than three red cards in any half term. We can’t wait to celebrate fantastic behaviour in Year 4!



We will have PE on Monday and Tuesday this year.  As a reminder,  it is expected children have a white t-shirt, black shorts, pumps for indoor, trainers for outdoor and a tracksuit for colder weather which are all labelled with children’s names. For health and safety purposes, earrings should not be worn on PE days or children must be able to remove them independently.

Reading for Pleasure


As part of our reading scheme, we now have a day when we are able to get cosy and read some of our favourite books.  Children are able to bring in blankets and pillows from home if they wish in order to enable them to relax and enjoy reading, this session will happen every Friday. 

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