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We have been learning working very hard in maths learning all about our numbers to 20, how to write them in numerals and words, how to compare and order them using more than, less than, fewer than and equals. Now we have started to add numbers to 20.

To start this half term we have been learning about position and direction, we loved completing races and competitions and crowing who was first, second, third and fourth. We have also been practising the directions of left and right. 

We have loved starting to add, we've used part whole models to help us visualise the addition process and now we've moved onto writing our own addition sentences in a variety of ways.

We have had an amazing start to our maths learning in year 1, starting with a focus on place value in numbers to 10 and number bonds. We have found using concrete resources really helpful and we are continuing to work hard on our number formation.