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Design and Technology 2023-24


We have many exciting projects and lessons planned for Design and Technology this academic year. We'll be experiencing cooking, textiles, railways engineering and much more! Please check back throughout the year to see photos of our learning across the school. Feel free to scroll down to see photos of our Design and Technology learning from previous years too. 

Early Years Foundation Stage


Our children in EYFS start to build up skills ready for Design and Technology lessons when they enter Year 1. Through continuous provision and teacher-led activities, they start to develop designing, making and evaluating skills. Design and Technology links closely to many of the skills the children work on in EYFS, including 'Physical Development', 'Expressive Art and Design' and 'Communication and Language'. 

Lower Phase



We like to use Design Technology when making our Mother's Day and Easter cards. Each year group from Year 1 to Year 6 has to learn and use a certain mechanism within their cards they make for home. Our children in Early Years practise skills they'll need for their Design Technology learning in the future year, e.g. joining materials and cutting skills. Have a look at Year 3's cards below. 

Upper Phase



Here are some of Year 5's mechanism cards. They were tasked to create linkage and lever Mother's Day cards. 

Useful Websites


Keen to expand your Design and Technology skills at home? Take a look at the websites below!


A useful website for food technology -


A great website for Lego enthusiasts! Find model inspiration and play games -


Sign up for the free Lego magazine -


Design and Technology 2022-23

Design and Technology Club

Our Reception and Year 1 children have had the opportunity to join our Design and Technology after-school club during the Spring Term 1.  We have made pop-up cards, built bridges and made cakes. Our Year 2 and 3 children have had the opportunity to join an exciting STEM club led by an engineer. He has built airplanes, helicopters, rockets and more with the children! In Spring 2, our Year 4, 5 and 6 children have had a chance to join our Design and Technology club too. They have built structures, practised folding skills and learnt how to make pop-up mechanisms. 

Junk Modelling Club

Summer Term: Mrs Maymand and Miss Joyce are running a junk modelling club for our Year 1 children, take a look below!


Lower Phase

Upper Phase

Design and Technology 2021-22

Key Stage One

Have a look at some of our learning from our Design and Technology lessons in Key Stage One.

Key Stage Two

Have a look at some of our learning from our Design and Technology lessons in Key Stage Two.