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Mental Health Week

This week we have been talking all about mental health, the theme this year is 'My Voice Matters'. We have discussed how everyone has the right to be heard and how we can use our voice to ask for help. Sometimes we struggle with our feelings and emotions and need some help to manage our big feelings. We have discussed who and how we can ask for help. We then created some expressive artwork with helpful messages.

MHST Workshop


On Thursday 8th February, we were joined by Crissy from the Mental Health Support Team. She spoke to us about what makes a good friend, how we can be good friends to each other and what we can do if we fall out with our friends. We also learnt different techniques we can use if we are feeling wound up or worried, such as square breathing, hand breathing and counting backwards from ten. 

Physical Exercise


Friday 9th February was all about the impact of physical exercise on our mental wellbeing. We took part in a fun and energetic Afro Funk workshop and then completed some calming and relaxing yoga back in class. 

As a class, we discussed what mental health is and what we can do if we're struggling and feel overwhelmed with our emotions. We then submitted our ideas to create a word cloud.