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Welcome to Nursery


Welcome to our class page.

Our Nursery consists of full time and part time children.


 Mrs Smithson is the Nursery teacher and Miss Bowley is the teaching assistant.

We also have Miss Flook who is an apprentice teaching assistant working in Nursery, she joined us in September 2021.


In Nursery we provide lots of opportunities for the children to build their confidence and self-awareness, and also to manage their feelings and behaviour. Communication is a key area of your child's learning in nursery. They will spend lots of time sharing rhymes, songs, stories and playing games to develop their speaking and listening skills.

Miss Nancy Flook


If you have any concerns, questions or need support, contact Mrs Brown (phase leader for EYFS) at and she will be happy to help. 

Nursery timetable

Class Codes

In Nursery we have made our own rules that we need to follow. We have all signed to say that we will try hard to follow these rules, we have signed using our finger print.



Our Class Charter



At Nursery we follow the whole school ethos of the Richer Rainbow.


We always use our RICHER values:








Children who demonstrate good RICHER values are rewarded with dojos, special RICHER value stickers, and can even be chosen to be a RICHER value champion! 
The children have been learning about the characters who are based on the RICHER values.






Our Richer Rainbow Champions



This year EYFS are using tapestry. It is wonderful to see parents starting to get involved and adding observations and pictures already. 

We regularly add memos onto the tapestry site (these can be accessed through the web browser not the app), it is important you check these memos to find out important information. 

Nursery Star Writers

Good to be Green 


At Riverview we follow Good to be Green. Each week we try to stay on Green by following the school rules, our class charter and the RICHER values. If we are unable to do this we are given time to 'Stop n Think'. If we do not change our behaviour we are given a Yellow card. We are given time to think and make the changes we need to and the Yellow card is taken away. However, if we are unable to change our behaviour again, we are given a Red card. We are then given time to think about our behaviour with an adult in the classroom. 


We have our RICHER Rainbow Time on a Friday in Nursery.

Shared Reading 📖 Year 2 sharing their work with Nursery

Nursery Christmas Party & Story time with Billy Brewer from Burton Albion

Current topic in Nursery:

Pirates Spring 1


This half term our topic is Pirates. We will be linking our whole curriculum to our Pirate theme and will be having lots of fun whilst learning new skills.



Pirate Dojo Homework Project

Space - Autumn 2


This half term we are learning all about Space. We will be linking our whole curriculum to Space and will be creating lots of exciting artwork.





Autumn Term


Our first topic in Nursery is 'Superheroes', we will be finding out about superheroes and their super powers, this will then link into our imaginative play and creative work.

 Our role-play area has been transformed into a Superhero Headquarters, we'll be pretending to take calls from people who need our help and then we'll work out how to save them.

We will be reading the books 'Supertato', 'Super Daisy' and 'Ten Little Superheroes'.


In maths we will be learning to recite some number names in sequence (0-5), we will be beginning to make comparisons between quantities and beginning to learn and use language relating to quantities, such as ‘more’ and ‘a lot’.


In literacy we will enjoy sharing lots of stories, rhymes and songs. We will also be focusing on making lots of different marks using a range of materials. We will also be beginning to describe and talk about the marks we draw and paint.


Here at River View we follow the phonics scheme 'Read Write Inc', this begins for Nursery children in the Summer term. In the Autumn and Spring term we focus on delivering a range of Phase 1 Letters and Sounds listening games and activities to help develop the children’s listening skills. 


Previous Learning

Online Safety

Online Safety Poster

RWI Set 1 Sounds for the Summer term in Nursery