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Roman Rule

We began our new topic by taking on the role of archaeologists, digging up and discovering objects. We then answered questions about these objects such as, what we thought the object was, what it may have been used for and who it may have belonged to. 


We visited Derby Museum and learnt all about the life of a Roman. We discussed how and where Romans lived as well as what they wore. We also learnt about Roman ceremonies and how Roman citizens held funerals for people when they died. Later on, we explored some real Roman artefacts and created our own bowls out of clay.

We have been learning all about Roman mosaics. Roman mosaics were elaborate pieces of artworks made by the Ancient Romans using small colored tiles called tesserae. They were used to decorate floors, walls, and ceilings in important buildings. Roman mosaics often depicted scenes from daily life, mythology, and nature. Artists used various materials and tools to create their beautiful artworks. The tesserae were made of materials such as marble, glass, and ceramic.


On Monday 18th March, we created our Roman mosaic tiles. We used PVA glue to secure our tiles to our wooden base. Once dry, we added grout between the tiles to give our mosaics a finished look.