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Save Our Trees

Our topic for Summer Term is 'Save Our Trees'. We will learn all about the different rainforests across the globe. We will also explore what deforestation is and how deforestation is impacting our climate as well as the tribes that live in the rainforest. 



Today we began our topic by discussing deforestation. We looked at satellite images of rainforests across the globe and compared these images from 1980 up to modern day. We could see how much our rainforests had changed in such a small amount of time!

Today we took part in a VR experience. We enjoyed our journey through the Amazon Rainforest and learnt all about the different species that live in the rainforest. We also found out facts about which layer each animal lives in and what they need to survive.

Today we designed and created our own rain stick. A rain stick is a musical instrument that is traditionally made from a long cactus stem or a hollowed-out wooden tube. When the rain stick is turned upside down, it creates a sound that resembles falling rain. They were first used by indigenous peoples in South America, particularly the Mapuche people of Chile. The Mapuche believed that rain sticks had the power to bring rain and used them in rituals and ceremonies to invoke rainfall.

Today we researched what life is like for the tribal families that live in the rainforest. We used our research to create a presentation about how their lives are similar and different to ours. 

In our geography lesson, we discussed why deforestation is having a negative impact on the animals that live in the rainforest. The children then researched which animals are endangered and at risk of becoming extinct. We presented our research in a booklet. 

Today we explored the different viewpoints surrounding deforestation and the effects it has on the environment and economy. We then discussed how people may have different views on deforestation. For example, a pharmacist may support deforestation as the plants found in the Amazon could be useful medicines (25% of our medicines come from ingredients found in the rainforest). However, a conservationist would argue that deforestation is having a negative impact on the environment (animals like jaguars are endangered of becoming extinct due to deforestation).