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Science skills progression

British Science Week 2024

Time is key to so many discoveries in science, technology, engineering and maths. Evolution looks at how plants and animals changed over a long period of time, the Earth’s movements show us why we have seasons and different time zones and lifecycles are all about how organisms grow and die during their time on our planet. We are very excited to spend our afternoons during Science week exploring how time plays a part in other areas of Science. Check back for pictures of what we have been up to soon..

Celebrating our Scientists

Year 5 Science Trip


Year 5 were very lucky to take part in the Science Festival at Rosliston Forestry Centre, which was sponsored by Rolls Royce. They learnt about forces by observing birds of prey fly before they had a chance to investigate the aero dynamics of different structures of paper planes. The also discovered how Rolls Royce and NASA have teamed up to create a micro-reactor program that will provide power needed for humans to live and work on the moon. Then, they designed and launched their own rockets into 'space'.


They had a brilliant time developing their Science knowledge and also seeing first hand the types if future careers you could have as a Scientist.

Our scientists at Riverview

A key skill to becoming a brilliant scientist is to be inquizitive and we have certainly proven that. Look at all the fun experiments we have been doing to satisfy our curious minds..

'I look forward to Science lessons because we have fun finding out about the world.' Year 5 pupil.



Science is my favourite subject! I love the investigations we do.' Year 6 pupil.