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Science Week

This week, we have been celebrating British Science Week (11th March - 15th March). The theme for this year is 'Time'. We have been talking all about how we use time in our everyday lives and in the world around us. 

On Monday, we conducted an experiment to investigate how we could measure time using water. We made a simple water clock with different sized holes in each bottle top. We concluded that the water clock with the larger holes in the bottle top allowed the water to pass through the quickest. 

On Thursday, we used our research skills to find out about Granville T Woods. Here are a few of the posters we created showcasing his inventions, the impact he had on the scientific community and the difficulties that he faced in a time of high racial discrimination. 

On Friday, we conducted an experiment to find out what would happen to the setting time of jelly if we added different fruit to it. We all predicted that adding fruit would slow down the setting time of jelly because of the liquid that was in the fruit. However, we were unsure which type of fruit would slow the process down the most. After weighing out the same amount of fruit and measuring the same amount of liquid, to ensure it was a fair test, we put them all in the fridge. We observed them every 30 minutes to see what had happened. We found that after 2 hours the plain jelly had set, but even after 4 hours the jelly with the pineapple in had still not fully set.