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The Lion King

We had an absolutely wonderful time at the Hippodrome in Birmingham when we went to see a matinee performance of Disney's 'Lion King'. The set was incredible, the dances were breathtaking and the cast enthralled us from start to finish. Lots of us had never been to a theatre before so we didn't know what to expect! As soon as the curtain opened and an elephant walked through the audience, many of our jaws dropped to the floor! This production really did break down the fourth wall of theatre!


Unfortunately, we were not permitted to take photographs so here are some images and videos from the official website for you to look at. The memory will certainly stay with us all forever!

The Lion King Trailer

Disney's The Lion King 29 Jun - 28 Sep 2013 at Birmingham Hippodrome. Disney's The Lion King is a worldwide theatrical phenomenon, seen by over 65 million people. Ingeniously adapted from Disney's classic film, this spectacular production explodes with glorious colours and stunning effects, all set to the enchanting rhythms of Africa.

The Lion King roars into Birmingham!

On Tue 23 Oct 2012 we welcomed a select few media and VIP's to launch Disney's spectiacular production of The Lion King coming to Birmingham Hippodrome from 29 June 2013. 0844 338 5000