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Year 5



Welcome to Year 5. In year 5 we are split into Foxgloves and Sunflowers. Our class teachers are Miss Pickett and Miss Pickerin also in our class helping our learning are Mrs Taylor and Mrs Archbold. In Foxgloves class there are  17 boys and 12 girls and in Sunflowers class there are 17 boys and 14 girls. 

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Class Code



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For homework this year at River View, we are working on collecting our dollars by completing activities at home over a half term. These activities will help towards our writing and maths learning they will be focused around our current topic for the term. Each child is provided with a green homework book to complete the challenges in. For every challenge the children complete they will be awarded with a different number of dollars. At the end of each term all of the dollars are added up and recorded!


Below you can see this terms Dynamite Dollars sheet all about our topic Walls and Barricades!




As well as completing homework, your child is also expected to read to an adult at home four times a week, this must be recorded in their reading diary for them to earn their reading dollars. Dollars are also awarded for attendance, uniform and positive behaviour. 


Book Bingo is continuing again this year and the children have until December to complete this terms board. If your child has read one of the books at home then sign it on their board so that they can work towards a line or a full house!

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Current Topic

Mexico and the Mayans

This term we are learning all about the Mexicans and the Mayans. We are going to  be tasting lots of delicious food and learning all about the history of Mexico. We are going to learn all about their past culture and even make our own Mexican masks! 
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Mexican madness

What an awesome time we had celebrating Mexico! We played many party games and tried some Mexican food. We tried tacos, salsa, guacamole and cucumber. Some of us were more adventurous than others by trying chilli and cheese dip. We had a truly great time. 

Exciting Learning Opportunities


Online Safety

Good to be Green

We work on our behaviour at River View by following our Good to be Green system. If we are able to maintain "Green" for the half term, then we will be rewarded with a celebration. We cannot wait for the first one as they are always fun that you would not want to miss. 

Previous Learning

Walls and Barricades!


Our topic for this term is walls and barricades. We will be exploring why walls and barricades were so important to so many different people and for so many different reasons. Throughout this topic we will learn about a variety of different walls and the roles they played in history. 

We will be finding out what life was like when Hadrian’s Wall was built, learn about the effects of the Berlin Wall and explore and understand why the Great Wall of China is known as one of the great wonders of the world! 


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PE (Including Swimming)

During their time in Year 5, the children will be going swimming every Thursday. For swimming they will be required to bring to bring with them a swimming suit, a towel, a pair of pants if they are coming to school in their swimming suit, a swimming hat if their hair can go into a bobble and goggles. If you would like you children to wear goggles, please send your children to school with a signed note letting their class teacher know. The children will also be doing PE on a Friday with their class teacher.

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