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Year 6


Welcome to Year 6. Mrs Brindley is the class teacher in Foxgloves and Mrs Sunley is the teacher in Snapdragons. Mr Stokes will also be teaching in Year Six in the Spring Term as Miss Martin is on maternity leave. 

We are all really looking forward to working with you in your final year at River View!


There are 24 pupils in Foxgloves class. 9 boys and 15 girls.

There are 23 pupils in Snapdragons class. 14 boys and 9 girls.

Class Code

Please see the class charter for each Y6 class. It is important to familiarise yourselves with our classroom codes before entering either of the Year 6 classrooms; it is essential that we all follow these rules every single day.



This is the Y6 timetable for the Spring Term. Please note that Foxgloves class will have PE on a Monday morning. Snapdragons will be swimming on a Monday morning. Please ensure that you send in the correct on the right day.


(Please put names in all kit)



Please complete and upload images to Google Classroom.

Year 6 Star Writers

Year 6 Star Writers

Engineering Celebration Day

Peer assessment

Margaret Godfrey inspired artwork

Current Topic

Space and Disaster


Where do earthquakes and volcanoes occur in the world and why?

Maths in Year 6


In Year 6, we have been working hard towards our SATs assessments. We have worked really hard to develop our knowledge and understanding of lots of different calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and then have been applying these strategies to solve problems. As well as this, we have learned to apply these to fractions, decimals and percentages problems and have developed our reasoning skills using key mathematical vocabulary. Finally, we have persevered when looking at how these problems can be applied to situations we might face in real life such as spending and saving money, reading bus or movie timetables and even understanding roman numerals we might not always notice at first around us.

We have now begun to work on a Year 6 project ‘Tours’. We will be covering a variety of skills while working collaboratively to ultimate plan our dream holiday. This will include reading and interpreting data, such as temperature and rainfall in specific countries; converting units, while calculating distance of flights; solving problems, calculating percentages, finding the most lucrative deals and sticking to a budget with our understanding of money and finally encountering real-life time problems that occur while traveling across the world. Follow us on our journey!

Reading and interpreting data

Plotting data on graphs.

International Dance Week!

Still image for this video





Here is an overview of what the children will be working on this summer term in French. 

This term the children will…

  • State a range of adjectives that can be used to describe people’s personalities.
  • Describe their own and other’s personalities, including the use of the 3rdperson and the negative form.
  • Justify their opinions on their preferences using a range of adverbs.
  • Form the future tense to express what they will do at the weekend.
  • Take part in a role-play they have created themselves.
  • Use the past tense to describe events that have occurred last weekend.
  • Recall information about the French national day (Bastille Day) and the celebrations associated with it.
  • Develop their cultural awareness of food by taking part in a tasting session.


To finish their last French term the children will work on describing their and other’s personality by using a range of adverbs and adjectives they can use accurately. They will learn to justify choices of activities or preferences and extend the structure of their sentences. They will develop their independence in the language by creating their own question and answers with their partner/group. They will then demonstrate their role-play by delivering it orally to the rest of their peers.

During spring term , the children in year 6 have been practicing role-plays ordering drinks, ice cream and asking for prices. Below are a few examples of their work. 

Online Safety

Our 5 SMART rules

Whenever we use computers, iPads, tablets or mobile phones, we will be following our 5 SMART rules…


Safe: We are careful and do not give out personal information about yourself or anyone else when chatting or posting online.


Meeting: We know that meeting someone you have only been in touch with online can be dangerous, so it’s not a good idea. We only meet someone with your parents’ or carer’s permission and even then, only when they are with us. We always remember that online friends are still strangers even if you have been talking to them for a long time.


Accepting: We understand that accepting emails, IM messages, or opening files, pictures or texts from people you don’t know or trust can lead to problems—they may contain viruses or nasty messages!


Reliable: When we chat online, we know it is best to only chat to real world friends and family members. Sometimes, people online might lie about who they are. We always check information found on the internet because it might not be true. We use other websites and books to do this.


Tell: We always tell a parent, carer, trusted adult or phone Childline if someone or something makes you feel uncomfortable or worried, or if you or someone you know is being bullied online. We know that we can always report to CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command) if we are worried about online abuse or the way that someone is chatting online. 


Good to be Green


We are looking forward to celebrating all of our children who follow our 'RICHER' values in our weekly assembly and 'Richer Rainbow' time. We will upload pictures of our exciting activities on here so keep checking the page. 



Foxgloves class will have PE on a Monday morning. Children in Foxgloves can come to school in PE kit on a Monday. Snapdragons will be swimming on a Monday morning. Swimming kits need to be named and in a separate bag. If your child needs to wear goggles, a letter from the parent needs to be signed and sent into the class teacher. 


(Please put names in all kit)


We are extremely lucky to have such wonderful grounds here at River View which we will use during playtimes and lunchtimes. Children will have access to sports and play equipment at breaktimes and lunchtimes to encourage active play. We all know ‘exercise is good for you’, and The Daily Mile is no exception. There are a wide variety of health and wellbeing benefits associated with daily physical activity and an emerging body of evidence supports the positive impact The Daily Mile can have on children’s health which is why we are aiming to complete it regularly throughout the week. 

Relevant Internet Links




Previous Learning

Exciting Learning Opportunities


We are working on our music skills in our project Friday work. Today we explored rhythms and wrote a shanty song about our school. We had so much fun!